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With over 500,000 International students and the house to 21 of the World’s top universities, Canada has become one of the most sought-after destinations for students.

The country’s academic institutions offer world-class education facilities to students whose Canadian degree, diploma, or certificate is recognized on the international scale.

The academic institutions in the country not only offer a serene ambiance to the students but also offer them state-of-the-art learning conveniences and up-to-date groundwork for Research and Development.

If you’ve dreamed of completing your studies from one of the top-rated Canadian colleges, institutions, or universities, then there are many doors open for you. All you have to do is, pick one depending on your needs!


Pathways to Canada Immigration

Student Direct Stream

The Student Direct Stream program accelerates the application of students who are applying to study in a Designated License Institution (DLI).

Normally, applications received via the Student Direct Stream takes no more than 20-25 calendar days. One thing to keep into account is that a study permit is not a visa and won’t allow you to immigrate to Canada, by itself. You might also require a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA) to carry-on the application.

To be eligible for quicker processing via the Student Direct Stream, you should:
  • Be a legitimate resident of any Country.
  • Qualifying scores in each skill (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and Test d’évaluation de français (TEF).
  • Acquired an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution
  • Should have a medical certificate stating the well-being of your health
  • Should have a police certificate stating no past criminal records
  • Should have your current secondary or post-secondary school record(s)

Depending on your location, you might also be required to deliver other documents. All you have to do is, ensure you have the right set of documentation required by the visa office.


Canadian Study Permit

Once you decide to study in Canada, a Canadian Study Permit can fulfill your dream of becoming an International Student in Canada. But before you get started, you need to take a few things into account.

Things to Know

No Two Canadian Institute Has Identical Program Structure

First of all, all Canadian universities and colleges have their unique program structure. Therefore, you won’t find a unified program structure in Canadian colleges and universities. You will need to choose a college or university depending on your interest.

Ensure That Your Proposed Institute Is A DLI

Institutions in Canada are provided a DLI badge from federal regulatory bodies that state their eligibility to admit International Students.

As an International Student To-Be, you will have to ensure that your proposed university or college is a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

Ensure That You Have an Acceptance Letter

Students are provided with an official letter that proves their permissibility to live and study in Canada. It comprises a comprehensive record of students’ bio, educational course, institution details, course duration, course fees, and scholarship or financial information, and other required details.

How to Apply For a Study Permit?

Understand the Process
The first step in the process is to understand the eligibility criteria, documentation required and the complete procedure to obtain the Canadian Study Permit.
Choose the Desired Course and Institution
The next step is to make sure the proposed Institution has a Designated Learning Institution badge. Only DLIs can admit foreign students.
Pass the Language Proficiency Test
International Students need to prove their proficiency in English for being admitted to the Canadian Institution. IELTS and TOEFL exam scores are mostly valued by Canadian Institutions.
Apply for Admission in Universities, Colleges, and Institutions
The next step in the process is to apply to the shortlisted Colleges or Universities and submit the advance fees.
Apply For a Study Permit
Once your application gets accepted by the college, you can go for a study permit. Since this is a complicated step in the process, the assistance of a professional Immigration consultant from Canada Immigration World would make things easier for you.
Join The Course
After completing all the legal formalities, documentation, and paperwork, you now can fulfill your dream of studying in Canada.

Study Permit Requirements

The Canadian government provides Student Visas to students that are aiming to pursue higher education in Canada. To be eligible for studying in Canada students must-have the following:
Acceptance Letter from the DLI
Funds to pay the fees and afford the living expenses
A Medical Certificate stating the well-being of your health.

Required Documentation

A Valid Passport
This means it should be valid from the beginning till the end of your course.
Admission Letter
You should have the acceptance letter from the DLI that is recognized by the Immigration Department.
Pass-Port Sized Photos
You should have at least 2 updated passports sized photographs following the specified standards.
Proof of Financial Stability
The minimum requirement of funds to be a part of any Canadian Institution is CAD 10,000. So, you should have this much amount handy to start your Immigration process.
Credit Card
When you apply for the Canadian Visa online, you need to pay the visa fee (CAD 150) by using a credit card.
English Proficiency Exam Scorecard
You should have an exam score card proving your proficiency in the English language.

Study To Immigrate Program

Study to Immigrate program enables the International Students to attain Canadian Permanent Residency during or after the completion of their studies in Canada.

All you have to do is, pick a program of your interests and we will help you get admission to the top Canadian college/university running that particular course.

Once you’ll complete the course and attain some work experience, we will help you to apply for a Canadian Permanent Residency.

Postgraduate Work Permit

PGWP is a way of permitting International Students who have graduated from a Canadian Institute or University to work in a firm in Canada. It has the validity of 8 months to 3 years and is a smart way to attain work experience in Canada. It allows you to work and live in Canada at the time when your application for Canadian Permanent Residence is in process. With a PGWP, you can:

  • Work Full Time
  • Work Part-Time
  • Be Self-Employed

Validity Of PGWP:

PGWP is given depending on the duration of the study program for a minimum of 8 months to a maximum of 3 years.

While depicting the duration of a post-graduation work permit, the duration of the study program is verified with a certain set of documentation. Summer and winter breaks are incorporated for the duration of the post-graduation work permit.

Accelerated Studies:

In the event you conclude the studies in less than the entitled time for the particular course, the post-graduate work permit will be gauged on the length of the program of study.

Suppose you join a 1-year study program but complete it in 10  months. Despite, you conclude it before 1 year, you will be qualified for a post graduation work permit for 1 year.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • To get a three-year work permit, your study program must be a minimum of two years. In the event, the program is less than two years but longer than 8 months, you can still get a work permit according to the length of your study program.
  • An official letter from the eligible Designated Learning Institution (DLI) confirming that all the requirements that have to be included in a post-graduation work permit application are met.

Benefits Of Studying In Canada

  • Studying in institutions having state-of-the-art technologies in a country like Canada gives students tremendous skills and knowledge.
  • International Students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the semester.
  • The tuition fees and other living expenses in Canada are less as compared to other countries.
  • Graduates can first study and then work in Canada for up to three years on a PGWP.
  • It gives a completely new experience to International students from getting graduated from a reputed Canadian University.

How Canada Immigration World Can Help?

When you decide to study in Canada as an International Student, you would require to go through a rigorous and lengthy process, how ever Canada Immigration World is here to help you in order to make your dream come true.

Our expert Immigration Consultants will help you with finding a study program that best suits your interests, attaining a letter of acceptance, submitting your study permit application, and a lot more! To get started with your Study Immigration process, simply fill the form or call our experts.

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