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Canada Immigration World brings you every minute detail about the work permits for Canada. With us, you will learn the types of visas the Canadian Immigration Law provides for immigrants and the various procedures you need to understand and get through while getting to your dream universities or dream jobs in Canada.


Two Types of Visa Programs To Help You Get The Work Permits:

If you wish to move to Canada then you must know that Canada has two types of visas to provide you with as per your needs. There is basically the first type of program known as the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and The International Mobility Program (IMP).

These two programs works differently:

TFWP needs you to undergo the labor market test popularly known as Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).
IMP this program doesn't need any LMIA for the work permit.
A Brief About LMIA

When you think of the LMIA, it is the permit that is used for the Canadian Employment and Social Development Canada ESDC where the law makes sure that hiring foreign nationals will not impact the employment of Canadian citizen workers.

At the same time, it takes care that the workforce doesn’t get over-saturated and then the work wages of the existing workers.

There are several work permits that are exempted from the LMIA test like the CUSMA or any free trade agreements that allow foreign workers to get work permits without any LMIA.

A Brief About IMP

On the other hand, when you are looking for the IMP then these include employer-sponsored work permits, spouse work permits, postgraduate work permits, and so on. There exists a wide variety of work permits in the Canadian Immigration law and instead of getting confused in the process let us be your guiding pal by your side to assist you throughout the process of availing yourself of the Canadian work permit.

Different Types of Work Permits You Must Know About

Now let’s dive deep into the types of Work permits you should know about and then ask us to assist you further with the selected one.

LMIA Exempt

The significant benefit of this work permit can be an option for the foreign nationals who are having the testimony or the credibility of experts in the foreign national field.

The following points can be considered the significant benefit

  • Nationally or internationally awarded
  • Membership proof of the applicant in the excellent organizations
  • A valid degree, diploma, or certificate from a university in the field of their ability.

Previous work experience or the certificate of full time work experience from the employers from the same work field related to the work permit that is to be sought.

Reciprocal Employment

Reciprocal employment has the clause where the two countries give equal opportunities to work permits as part of reciprocation. If someone with a free trade agreement country wants a Canadian work permit then the individuals from Canada are also allowed to avail the same benefit and work in that country likewise.

  • International Agreement with the applicant’s country of residence.
  • International Exchange programs are also one part where international youth exchange teacher exchange and likewise are encouraged.
LMIA Required

Generally, it is required for all workers who are willing to work in Canada. Except for the ones with IMP and the significant, cultural benefits and the free trade advantage


Canada United States Mexico Agreement provides leverage to the applicant and hence they can apply for a work permit in the below-mentioned cases without any LMIA.

  • CUSMA Professionals
  • CUSMA Traders
  • CUSMA Investors
  • CUSMA Intracompany Transfers
Intra Company Transfers

The intra-company transfers are possible for the companies established and the start-up ones as well. There are certain criteria that can be considered for getting intra-company transfers and for that you can consult our experts now and know more about them.

Post Graduation Work Permits

Canadian Law of immigration encourages the students to study in Canada and later work as professionals later after their post-graduation if the applicant/immigrant fits in the criterion list.

Required Documentation

A Valid Passport
This means it should be valid from the beginning till the end of your course.
Admission Letter
You should have the acceptance letter from the DLI that is recognized by the Immigration Department.
Pass-Port Sized Photos
You should have at least 2 updated passports sized photographs following the specified standards.
Proof of Financial Stability
The minimum requirement of funds to be a part of any Canadian Institution is CAD 10,000. So, you should have this much amount handy to start your Immigration process.
Credit Card
When you apply for the Canadian Visa online, you need to pay the visa fee (CAD 150) by using a credit card.
English Proficiency Exam Scorecard
You should have an exam score card proving your proficiency in the English language.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of work permits in Canada?

There are two types of work permits for the Canada IMP and TWFP. These two are differentiated o the basis of the LMIA. TWFP needs LMIA usually.

How much money is required for a work permit in Canada?

The money required for one work permit is CAD 155 as application fees.

What is the process for getting LMIA?

LMIA is an essential document the employer needs before hiring an employee in Canada. This document will show that there is a need for foreign workers for the said job hence this LMIA has to be applied by you while applying for the TWFP work permits as per the Canadian Immigration Laws.

Do I need a complete a medical exam to get a work permit in Canada?

You need to undergo general physical checks and an assessment of health while applying for a work permit in Canada.

What is a POE letter?

It’s a letter you receive from IRCC when you are approved for a work permit, study permit, or super visa.

Is a work permit conditional?

There can be certain situations like temporary workers can work only with the specified company mentioned on the work permit. Such conditions may exist in the permit.

What is a spousal open work permit?

It is a permit that is not job-specific for the spouse of the work permit holder or the resident of Canada.

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